Captain Grin

The captain of the Ringed Pirates who is after the mysterious Golden Rings dispersed on the seafloor. Nothing will stop him nor prevent him from getting his fins over this shining treasure, not even the annoying enemy pirates will stop him.

Cranky Joe

First Mate and gunman of the crew. Short and crabby his pulse with the canyon has never faltered. He'll help you to get those rings down and perhaps a few pirates too.

Bomber Bob

The always space out grummet. He may not the smartest fish on the ship, but his mines can surely come in handy especially when there are other pirates lurking around your treasure.

Sharp Nose Gill

A cowardly cat but he knows better than to disobey Captain Grin's orders, so he swims fast and catches as many rings as his nose can carry.

Mad Marauders

The reigning crew of Ceruleon Reef. They won't allow any other pirate steal the treasures of their territory.

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